Mother's Day
Simon House wishes all mothers a very happy Mother's Day. We greatly appreciate Mother's Day gifts received in honor or in memory of the following:

In Honor of

Given by

Cheryl Lindsay Bowker Linda Bowker
Stephanie McGaughey Bowker Linda Bowker
Sarah Caudill Ann Crowe
Dorothy Choate Rose E. Brown
Erin Eggen Lynn Grogan
Andrea Evola Linda & Bryan Stopper
Ashley Grogan Lynn Grogan
Pam Hanson Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Miller
Jessie L. Johnson Anna Mayne
Cathy S. Moore Rose E. Brown
Nancy Nochebuena Brenda Thomas
Tracy Partin Rose E. Brown
Lois Ratliff Beth Healy
Celeste Reese Janice Reese
Virginia Reynolds Jennifer Reynolds
Karen Rhorer Janice Reese
Mary Carolyn Robinson Teresa R. Yagel
Jean Rodgers Donnie & Audie Rodgers
Darlene Stoeckle Deborah Winkle
Emma Stone Judith LaRone Perkins
Lauren Covert Weber Mr. & Mrs. Alan Perreiah
Joyce Welch Kevin Welch
Sally Wiggins Meg Quarles
Katherine Wilder Robert Faesy
Carol Williamson Charles Williamson
Judy Young Sue Eisiminger

In honor of the mothers served by Simon House
donations were given by:

Antioch Church
John & Marcey Broderson
Ann Crowe
John Martin
Emily Patton
Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church

In Memory of

Given by

Pearl Adams Brenda F. Adams
Mary Alvis Ron Alvis
Cheryl Baldwin Jeanne Baldwin
Mrs. C. M. (Mama) Benassi Betty Updike
Dorothy "Dot" Booth Dewey & Dotty Sanders
Mary Boruta Charles Williamson
Clara Mae Brown Rose E. Brown
Mary Caldwell Danny J. & Ila F. Hill
Margaret Combs Elizabeth Griffin
Dorothy M. Conway Ann C. Wiard
Bobby Covert II Mr. & Mrs. Alan Perreiah
Ronald Goldsmith Bobby McDonald
Nell Gordon Annell Downey
Mary L. Harrod Donnie & Audie Rodgers
Callie Howard Ola B. Howard
Louise Lee Jim & Amy McGurk
Rena Luttrell Ola B. Howard
Carol McGurk Jim & Amy McGurk
Dorothy Milton Curtis Milton, Jr.
Beulah L. Moore Rose E. Brown
Betty Lou Patrick Vicki & Phil Yancey
Jeannette Taylor Perkins Judith LaRone Perkins
Amy Clark Rice Bobby & Juanita Rice
Jennie Sanders Dewey & Dotty Sanders
Lucille V. Skeans Dianne Cheatham
Lucy Ellen Smith Bobby & Juanita Rice
Lizzie Sudduth Brenda Thomas
Helen Sutherland Jim & Amy McGurk
James Clay Thompson Sallie Clay Lanham
Jane Yancey Vicki & Phil Yancey
Barbara M. York Rose E. Brown
Edna Mae Yowell Jean M. Farrisee


Employment Opportunity

Simon House seeks a reliable, motivated, skilled individual for a part-time administrative assistant position that includes staff support, receptionist duties, correspondence, record keeping, database management, report preparation, volunteer management, and other assigned duties.  Applicants must have two or more years of experience in office organization, a high school diploma, proficiency with Microsoft Office software, and a valid KY driver’s license.  The position requires dependability, empathy, and ability to work in a fast-paced environment with distractions.  Submit cover letter, resume, and 3 professional references to Executive Director, Simon House, 208 W. Campbell St., Frankfort, KY 40601. EOE.

For a complete position announcement, click here.
To see the full job description, click here.


Mission Statement

     Simon House is a nonprofit transitional living facility for homeless adult women who are pregnant or have children.  In collaboration with other agencies and organizations, we provide a safe, stable, and healthy environment that encourages, educates, and empowers residents to become self-sufficient and productive members of our community and the larger society.

Homeless Womens Shelter

About Simon House

     Simon House provides a home for six homeless women, age 18 and over, who are pregnant or have children.  Families come primarily from Franklin and surrounding counties in Central Kentucky.

     Besides providing a residential setting for women and their children, Simon House provides specific strategies and training designed to develop personal and family stability.  Its purpose is to enable mothers in crisis to become whole, self-sufficient, and able to obtain permanent housing and employment.  The residents are also encouraged to develop coping and parenting skills necessary for a stable, successful, independent family life.

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