Mother's Day graphic

Simon House wishes all mothers a very happy Mother's Day. We greatly appreciate Mother's Day gifts received in honor or in memory of the following:

In Honor of

Given By

Mary Ballard
Sara Call
Debbie Boggs
Wendy Bebe
Cheryl Lindsay Bowker
Linda W. Bowker
Stephanie McGaughey Bowker
Linda W. Bowker
Dorothy Choat
Allen & Rosie Brown
Carmen Covert
Alan & Grace Perreiah
Donna Hecker
Katie Carney
Glendora Ison
Allen & Rosie Brown
Verna Johnson
Lila Johnson
Cathy Sheets Moore
Allen & Rosie Brown
Nancy Nochebuena
Brenda Thomas
Cara C. Osborne
Janice K. Osborne
Katherine D. Osborne
Janice K. Osborne
Lois Ratliff
Beth Healy
Jean Rodgers
Donnie & Audie Rodgers
Emma W. Stone
Judith LaRone Perkins
Andrea Stopper
Bryan & Linda Stopper
Joyce Welch
Kevin Welch
Sally Wiggins
Meg Quarles
Carol Williamson
Charles Williamson

In honor of the mothers served by Simon House,
donations were given by:

Ronald Alvis
Ann H. Crowe
John Martin
Henry D. Mills

In Memory of

Given by

Cheryl Baldwin
Jeanne Baldwin
Mrs. C. M. (Momma) Benassi
Betty B. Updike
Clara Mae Brown
Allen & Rosie Brown
Margaret Combs
Betty Griffin
Dorothy M. Conway
Ann C. Wiard
Lea Maxine Dunker
Diana Andrews
Beulah Dunn
Bible Buddies, First Christian Church
Mary Alice Geringer
Janice K. Osborne
Nell Gordon
Annell Downey
LaVerne Hampton
Billie Faye Duvall
Mary Harrod
Donnie & Audie Rodgers
Sylvia Hays
Julie Walpert
Barbara Hecker
Katie Carney
J. D. Hill
Bobby Ray McDonald
Callie Ola Howard
Ola B. Howard
Jean Huffman
Ann H. Crowe
Martha Lunceford
Allen & Rosie Brown
Rena Luttrell
Ola B. Howard
Nancy Jo Montfort
Brenda F. Adams
Beulah Moore
Allen & Rosie Brown
Betty Lou Patrick
Judith LaRone Perkins
Vicki Yancy
Jeanette T. Perkins
Judith LaRone Perkins
Linda Pigg
Renee Stany
Amy Clark Rice
Bobby & Juanita Rice
Jerri Robinson
Mike Robinson
Ronald Gold Smith
Bobby Ray McDonald
Lucy Ellen Smith
Bobby & Juanita Rice
Mary Stany
Michael Stany
Lizzie Sudduth
Brenda Thomas
Louise Clark Switzer
Amme Wesley Mays
Adele Walpert
Julie Walpert
Sandra Walpert
Julie Walpert
Gladys White
Neville & Sherry White
Betty Whitmer
Linda Beach
Jane Yancey
Vicki Yancey
Barbara M. York
Allen & Rosie Brown


Mission Statement

     Simon House is a nonprofit transitional living facility for homeless adult women who are pregnant or have children.  In collaboration with other agencies and organizations, we provide a safe, stable, and healthy environment that encourages, educates, and empowers residents to become self-sufficient and productive members of our community and the larger society.

Homeless Womens Shelter

About Simon House

     Simon House provides a home for six homeless women, age 18 and over, who are pregnant or have children.  Families come primarily from Franklin and surrounding counties in Central Kentucky.

     Besides providing a residential setting for women and their children, Simon House provides specific strategies and training designed to develop personal and family stability.  Its purpose is to enable mothers in crisis to become whole, self-sufficient, and able to obtain permanent housing and employment.  The residents are also encouraged to develop coping and parenting skills necessary for a stable, successful, independent family life.

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