The Simon House truly has many success stories to tell about. These are a few that are most noteworthy.

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PATRICIA: Patricia was a homeless mother with two young children when she came to the Simon House for shelter. Not only was a roof over her head provided, but with the encouragement of Simon House staff and its programs she managed to accomplish many positive things including: finishing her GED; becoming a certified nurses' assistant; purchasing a car; getting her own apartment and later moving into a home. Currently she is working with the local health department. Her children are doing well in school and she has gained the confidence in herself to continue to make a better life for her family. Now she volunteers at the Simon House when needed.

STEPHANIE: Stephanie's story of misfortune and hard times was 10 years ago when she first came to the Simon House. Looking back to that time Stephanie tearfully remembers her plight when she had nothing and sought help from the Simon House. The Simon House not only offered shelter but also a helping hand and encouragement to complete her GED. From there she found the courage to go on to college. Today she is married and has stable employment. Her tears now are in great appreciation to the Simon House for turning her life around.

LISA;  I am on the Board of Directors for the Simon House.....I have been associated with this wonderful organization for a long time!!  Almost 10 years ago my son and I were in an awful situation with no where to go.   The Simon House gave us a place for us to live and be self sufficient and for me to get on my feet.   S.I.M.O.N. is an acronym for Serving Infants and Mothers On-going is a homeless shelter for mothers with small children.   I am forever endebted to this organization for giving me a new lease on life....for opening the doorway for me to be able to stand on my own!   It's not an easy thing for me to share my experiences of times that I have REALLY struggled.  I have since opened my own business and my husband and I have two other businesses.