About Us

Mission Statement

    Simon House is a nonprofit agency serving homeless adult women who are pregnant or have children and other low-income clients. In collaboration with other agencies and organizations, we provide a safe, stable, and healthy environment that encourages, educates and empowers residents to become self-sufficient and productive members of our community and the larger society.

Residential Program

Shelter for Homeless Women     Simon House provides a home for six homeless women, age 18 and over, who are pregnant or have children.  Families come primarily from Franklin County and surrounding counties in Central Kentucky.

     Besides providing a residential setting for qualifying homeless women, the Simon House provides specific strategies and training designed to develop personal and family stability.  Its purpose is to enable mothers in crisis to become whole, self-sufficient and able to obtain permanent housing and employment.  The residents are also encouraged to develop coping and parenting skills necessary for a stable, successful, independent family life.

Rapid Rehousing

Simon House can provide limited financial assistance to homeless families with children to help them obtain and remain in stable community housing. Eligible families may include residents leaving the Simon House residential program or other literally homeless families in the community, including those headed by fathers or two parents. Rent and utility assistance can be provided to clients for a limited time, and case management services are available for help finding employment and other needed resources.

Homelessness Prevention

Families with children that are at imminent risk of homelessness may turn to Simon House for limited financial assistance with rent and utilities to avert them for becoming homeless. Case management services also are provided to help families avoid future homelessness.

Community Services

    Simon House also helps families who are near homelessness, but can remain in their homes with some assistance. Families contact the Simon House for needs such as diapers, food, clothing, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, and other necessities. This short-term help can make the difference for some families between remaining in their homes and becoming homeless.

  Simon House follows former residents who move to independent living in the community. These women and children can return to Simon House for assistance when needs arise such as food and clothing, diapers, and other household items and counseling or referrals for services.